Horizontal Directional Drilling

At times when existing electrical or utility lines need to be extended in areas that are densely populated, horizontal directional drilling allows you to bore from the surface without interruptions to the environment around the project site. That means less labor, cleanup, and downtime.

Why Use Directional Drilling?

When utility lines or electrical conduit need to be run through densely populated areas, directional drilling is a “trenchless” process that uses specialized machinery to install utility lines underground from the surface without disrupting the environment around the construction site. Due to limited interruptions, when we are finished, you will find no trace that we were even there.

We Handle All Sorts of Situations and Roadblocks

Our experience allows us to find solutions where others see problems and roadblocks. By using a trenchless method to drill, we can successfully breach any environment with ease. Whether it is clay, concrete, bluffs, rock, or any other hard material, it is no match for our equipment, expertise, and experience!


Special Challenges Are No Challenge for Us!

When it comes to wetlands or river boring, things can get complex and dicey. It is our experience in the industry that allows us to find creative solutions to your underground construction needs. We partner with governments, municipal agencies, and civil engineers to plan waterway crossings through the use of directional boring equipment and techniques.

We work closely with our customers from start to finish to perfectly execute our underground construction projects and provide on-demand construction services that are project-driven, successful, reliable, and affordable, putting us well ahead of the competition.

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